Dirty F-150 Earns its Name: Muddy Monday

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Unruly F-150 turns in a rowdy run that makes the crowd get a little wild.

This week’s Muddy Monday video comes to us from the YouTube channel of Logan Morrison and it features a 1980s Ford F-150 named the, ahem, “Panty Dropper.” In this footage of the old school pickup conquering the mud pit of Virginia Motor Speedway, we see how the truck rightly earned this name. This truck definitely gets the crowd fired up in a hurry. Ultimately, the driver’s ego is backed up by his success on the track.

The Machine

We don’t get any details on this Ford F-150, but we can tell from the styling that this truck is from the seventh generation of the F-Series, running from 1980 through 1986. During that era, the Motor Company offered a variety of V8 engines ranging from a 302-cubic inch small block up to a 460-cubic inch big block. We don’t know which engine is under the hood of this beast, but the sound is clearly that of a big, powerful eight-cylinder engine.

Panty Dropper F-150 Front

We can also see that this F-150 has a bit of a lift, making plenty of room for the big mud tires, but other than that, the truck looks pretty much stock. The body looks to be in good shape, the chrome is still shiny and there is a tool box in the bed, so this might be someone’s daily driver.

In any case, it is a wicked mud truck with an amusing name.

Panty Dropper F-150 Side

The Venue

Virginia Motor Speedway is best-known for its half-mile dirt oval track, but the facility also has a rockin’ mud bog that is deep and wet, with a couple deep holes scattered along the “track.” As the crowd watches from behind concrete barriers and tall fencing, the F-150 digs through the first deep hole, reaches the plateau in the middle and then charges into the longer, deep hole on the other side.

Panty Dropper F-150 Rear

After some work, the old Ford pulls to dry land as the crowd goes wild. The dirty truck successfully works its sexy magic on the crowd.

In any case, it is a great mud bog run, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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