1981 Ford F-Series Runs with the Horses: Retro Rewind

1981 Ford Argentina Ad 1

Commercial from Argentina for the 1981 Ford trucks is kind of weird, but it works.

  Comments | By - August 21, 2018

Muddy Monday: F-250 Takes a Crowd through the Bog

RPM F-250 in the Water

F-250 creeps through the long trench of deep water while showing off for the ladies.

  Comments | By - August 20, 2018

What? Why?! Ford F-150 Hauls Car in Truck Bed

1980s F-150 towing car

We’re not sure why you’d want to do this, but it’s certainly impressive that a ford F-150 can do it! 

  Comments | By - August 20, 2018

The Case for 1998-2011 Ford Rangers

Is Ford’s new Ranger a better mousetrap than its humbler predecessor?

  Comments | By - August 20, 2018

Ford F-100 Across Canada, Part 2: Osoyoos to Calgary

First day with the Ford F-100 proves to be an incredibly rewarding experience full of enlightenment, danger, and new friends.

  Comments | By - August 20, 2018

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