1951 Ford F1 Takes on Monster Mustang on the Street

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Antique Ford truck hangs tough but loses to the built muscle car.

The video above comes to us from the National No Prep Racing Association YouTube channel and it features a 1951 Ford F1 pickup taking on a New Edge-era Ford Mustang in what appears to be a legal street race. In most cases, a 1951 F1 taking on any muscle car from the late-1990s or early-2000s would amount to a beating for the classic truck, but this isn’t your average antique Ford. At the same time, this isn’t your average New Edge Mustang either, setting up one hell of a great drag race.

The Competitors

There is no information included with this video, but in searching around the internet, we have found that “The Mutt” is a 1951 Ford F1 with some variety of turbocharged V8 under the hood. While we were able to find other videos of this beast in action, none of them had any details, so we don’t know what motivates this antique truck, but we know that it is mighty quick.

1951 Ford F1 Mutt Race Truck

As for the Mustang GT, we can see that it has a massive turbocharger mounted behind the grille and based on the spec roll cage, we are going to go out on a fairly strong limb and say that this muscle car is a fully-built race car. It clearly has a monster powerplant, along with the suspension, tires and aerodynamic bits to get down the track in a hurry.

Apollo Mustang

The Battle

After we watch each vehicle cruise to the starting line of this impromptu drag strip, the antique Ford truck and the New Edge Mustang clean off their tires in preparation for the race. While the F1 looks awful, the sound and ferocity of the burnout reveals the wicked engine under the hood. The Mustang sounds just as great during the burnout, but we expect a race car to sound great while the truck is the big surprise.

Ford F1 and Mustang Staged

The two vehicles staged, engine speeds soar and anti-lag systems engage as the started runs out of view of the camera, signaling the two powerful Ford products to head down the track. At first, the old school truck stays right with the Mustang, but as they get closer to the finish line, the muscle car inches ahead for the win.

Mustang Beats 1951 Ford F1

The antique Ford didn’t win the race, but it put up a hell of a fight against a purpose-built race car, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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