Amateur Drivers Take On Ultimate Street Car Challenge

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Ultimate Street Car Challenge - Ford Lightning

Innovative Auto Event Tests the Power and Pride of Tough Trucks and Rough Riders Alike, and Always Ends with Badass Results

Ford put a ton of engineering and time into making the Lightning a formidable handler. But as we all know, you can only make a big heavy truck handle so well. And once you find it’s limits, the fun begins. Driver Toby Thompson discovered this at Optima’s Ultimate Street Car Association in New Orleans.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Challenge of the Ultimate Street Car Association (USCA), it’s time to get familiar. They provide some of the most entertaining racing action around. And you can participate, regardless of skill level or what you drive.

Some of the racing action includes autocross, road rally, speed stop and road course. But vehicles aren’t just judged on lap times. Points are also awarded for features that enhance driveability, innovation and fit and finish. In other words, the ultimate street car.

In 2016, Ultimate Street Car Challenge events took place in 10 different cities across the U.S. Each event held a little something for everyone. From full on high dollar racers to nearly stock novices, it’s always a good time for all, especially for the spectators, who get to see things like the action in the clip above.

So if you’ve been hesitant to get your feet wet with a little bit of racing, the USCA might be your opportunity to do so. And if you happen to lose it around a corner and take out a few cones, that’s OK. The worst that can happen is you might wind up famous on YouTube.

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