2002 Lightning Hits 178 MPH at Texas Mile

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PSI Motorsports’ Modified Ford Lightning Proves That Trucks Can Sometimes Defy the Laws of Physics

When you’re talking speed, people tend to liken trucks to flying bricks. But even the laws of physics can be defied when you throw enough horsepower at them. Just take a look at this 2002 Ford Lightning, which was the fastest truck at last fall’s Texas Mile event.

Built and driven by Dave Mieher of PSI Motorsports, the truck ran a best 1-mile speed of 178.8 miles per hour. And if you think that’s impressive, the Lightning ran a 1/2 mile best of 149.7 miles per hour. Even more impressive is the fact that the only power adder is a single turbo.

But as you would imagine, Dave and PSI don’t just build the fastest trucks in town. They have a wealth of experience making all sorts of Fords fast. PSI is most famous for manufacturing go fast goodies for both the Mustang and F-150.

And PSI isn’t just a bolt on shop — they also do full dyno testing and tuning in house. They’ve become so good at it that the company has a stellar reputation for powerful, streetable builds. Kits are available to take your F-150 all the way up to 600-plus reliable horsepower for a reasonable price.

And as you can clearly see by their efforts at the Texas Mile, PSI doesn’t just talk the talk. Their 2002 Lightning is the fastest truck in the land, at least until the next event in March. If you want to learn more about this awesome event, check out the official Texas Mile website.

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