Author: Brett Foote

POLL: Gas or Diesel, Which Truck Is Right for You?

Gas vs Diesel

At some point, everybody’s debated the merits of gas and diesel-powered engines. We explore the pros and cons.

  Comments | By - June 26, 2017

Check Out Ford’s Recent Craziest Patents

Craziest Patents

From a mobile movie theater, to an unconventional shifter location, Ford has some interesting ideas in the pipeline.

  Comments | By - June 22, 2017

Buy This Bronco: Bronco II Awaits Its Moment of Fame

Bronco II

At a time when everybody continues to pay big bucks for full-size models, the Bronco II waits for its shot at the limelight.

  Comments | By - June 21, 2017

This Insane F-350 Is for the Discerning Doomsday Prepper


If you need a truck that can haul all of your belongings, look no further than this one-stop-shop F-350.

  Comments | By - June 19, 2017

‘Bulletproof’ F-150 Is a Show Truck You Can Replicate at Home

Real Truck’s latest build is one that shows just how far you can go with nothing but bolt on parts.

  Comments | By - June 15, 2017

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