This Old-School Ford Is Built to Get Down and Dirty

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This is the perfect Ford truck for the guy that doesn’t want to half-ass getting dirty.

Go ahead, get a little mud on the tires. It’s only dirt, your old truck will thank you for using it like it was meant to be used. While most Ford truck owners are perfectly happy to use their jacked-up rides to get to work, and run to the grocery store on Saturdays, this dyed-in-the-wool Blue Oval maniac is more than happy to throw tractor tires on his beastly truck and run it through a few feet of nasty wet brown.

Sure, this truck is hardly useful as anything but a mud bogger anymore, but for those high-powered four-wheel-mud-slinging minutes, it’s an instrument of pure joy. The truck looks like it’s about high enough off the ground that we could walk underneath it without head injury, and you’d probably need a ladder to climb in and out. You can’t even really use this truck to haul anything, as the bed is full of radiators and fuel tanks. If you have a lot of wide open land, this truck could be a great farm implement, allowing you to get out and survey your homestead. Being that high off the ground does have its visibility advantages!


This behemoth of a Ford truck doesn’t make any sense, but it’s not about making sense, it’s about having fun. If two paths diverged in a wood, this truck could take the one less traveled without having to worry about getting stuck. As long as the trail is wide and tall enough to fit this monstrosity through, it’ll make it home, no worries.

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[Source: CarWarz on YouTube]

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