Can the Ford Flex be Saved before 2020?

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Ford Flex

What would you do if we told you there was a special version of the Ford Explorer Sport that is lighter, and has more interior space for people and cargo? How about if it also sat two-inches lower and swapped the off-road 4WD system for a more road-useful AWD system? What if we told you it was $2,500 cheaper than the usual Ford Explorer Sport? Got your interest, right?

Well, it’s true! This magical super-Ford exists: the Ford Flex. But, unfortunately, Ford is killing it because, apparently, all of you hate great things and refused to buy one. We kid.

This wonderful slab of Americana has been on sale with the EcoBoost V6 engine since 2010. That’s a full three years before the Ford Explorer Sport ever existed. Its lower body and center of gravity give it better handling than the Explorer. Plus, its narrower profile makes it better suited for city streets. As long as you don’t plan on doing serious off-roading, the only thing you lose by choosing a Flex over an Explorer Sport is one mile per gallon and 500 pounds of towing capacity. Not a bad trade for a lighter, better handling and roomier machine.

As it sits now, the Ford Flex is set to die in 2020, but there could still be time to save it. Head out to your dealer and pick up one of the best machines Ford has ever made!

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