Muddy Monday: F-150 Falls Apart Mid-Race but Still Finishes

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Muddy Monday

This week’s Muddy Monday video features a Ford F-150 taking on a tough truck course. It certainly isn’t the muddiest video we’ve ever seen, but with this race taking place on a slippery and somewhat muddy race track, it managed to make the “Muddy Monday” cut.

This video by 4×4 Offroad Unlimited starts out like most tough truck race videos, with the F-150 taking off from an incline on the dirt track. Oddly enough, this particular F-150 has a crudely made custom bed with wooden sides, which don’t make it to the end of the run. In fact, due to an unknown mechanical issue, this Ford almost didn’t make it to the finish line at all. That being said, something happens last minute that allows it to… well, you should watch the video!

This isn’t the most exciting tough truck race video on the web, but you have to respect the fact that this truck appears to be far from built for this type of competition.

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