Author: Christian Moe

Ford Is Going Futuristic with 3D Printing and So Can You

FTE SPECIAL REPORT: Ford thinks 3D printing is the future, but can the technology benefit you today?

  Comments | By - April 5, 2017

Ford Considers Large-Scale 3D Printing

Your next Ford could be printed and glued, instead of stamped and welded thanks to 3D printers

  Comments | By - March 20, 2017

Sleek F-100 Cruises into ‘Blizzard Mountain’


Forza Horizon 3 Expansion Pack brings a lot of cool features to the iconic video game franchise. One of those, is a Ford F-100 Trophy Truck!

  Comments | By - December 19, 2016

Could Trump Make America V8 Again?

It will be years before we can find out if Trump can fulfill his promise of “Making America Great Again,” but maybe he just might make America V8 Again.

  Comments | By - December 12, 2016

Can the Ford Flex be Saved before 2020?

Well, it’s true! This magical super-Ford exists: the Ford Flex. But, unfortunately, Ford is killing it because, apparently, all of you…

  Comments | By - December 5, 2016

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