Nearly Stock Ford Raptor Finishes Baja

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Ford Raptor

The new Ford Raptor is one seriously tough truck. How tough, you ask? For starters, this year the automaker decided to enter one in the famous (infamous?) Baja 1000, a grueling 854.8-mile loop that must be completed in less than 36 hours. The Raptor, piloted by Greg Foutz, squeaked in by crossing the finish line with a time of 35:59:08.151. Most noteworthy, however, is that Foutz then drove the truck home — a trip that spanned 400 miles, to Arizona.

If that’s not impressive enough, consider the fact that this particular Ford Raptor is almost identical to the one you can buy at your local Ford dealership. The only differences? Some added safety gear and “revised” shocks and springs (to support the added weight of the safety equipment). Namely a fuel cell, roll cage, racing seats and harnesses, and Rigid lighting (it gets dark in the desert). That’s it. Consequently, it’s about as stock as you can get, legally.

In conclusion, you can rest assured that when you buy a new Raptor, you’re getting a truck that is perfectly capable of running in even the toughest conditions. Also, it comes equipped with a “Baja Mode,” which does things like back off the traction control, increase the speed of upshifts, and hold onto gears longer to optimize driving across sand at high speeds. Hence, there’s no doubt that the new Ford Raptor, as Foutz himself said, is “phenomenal” in production form.

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