Fail: Chevy Driver Does What Chevy Drivers Do Best

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Dear Chevy Silverado driver, yellow and black lines typically mean ‘warning.’ They’re designed to keep people safe and away from certain areas.

Seeing a loading dock ramp designed for forklifts, and wanting to drive a half-ton Chevy truck through it is dumb. Seeing a loading dock with a brightly painted yellow and black edge and wanting to jump off of it is plain stupid. Just imagine seeing the “wet floor” caution signs at the grocery store, and strapping on your rollerblades to skate around it — it’s asking for trouble.

Who would do such stupid thing? Oh wait! Believe it or not, a Chevy driver actually tried to jump a loading ramp designed for forklifts with a caution line painted on it. Why? We’re not sure. As you can see in the Instagram video below, Tony Didomenico is the kind of guy that would attempt such a thing. A real daredevil, a Chuck Norris type of guy, and of course, a Chevy Silverado owner.

This isn’t just any Silverado, it’s a “pre-runner” Silverado, or at least that’s what he claims. The fact is that the truck is pretty darn beefy and features a very nice suspension set up complete with aftermarket long-travel shocks.

The Silverado owner somehow thought that jumping off a loading dock was a good idea. He attempted to get some good speed, but when he jumped, it all went south. While it’s not clear how bad the damage to the suspension was, we’re sure that it wasn’t pretty.

Check it out!

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