Ford Excursion: Relive the Glory (Video)

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A collapsing economy, rigorous emission regulations, and the rise of crossovers dug the Excursion’s grave.

As SUVs and crossovers take over the world, it’s nice to take a look back at the epitome of the “anti-crossover.” The Ford Excursion is a big, upscale (in some trims), and well—big. It’s made for someone who loves the idea of driving an SUV that feels like a full-size pickup. Again, this is not for the fans of grocery-getter crossovers that are currently flooding the market.

This video courtesy of SaabKyle04 highlights a 2001 Ford Excursion V10 Limited, and it made us long for the days of the beefy SUV. In the video, Kyle goes through every aspect of the Excursion. He showcases the exterior, highlighting the aftermarket chrome wheels of this particular vehicle, but also showing all the ways it separated itself from the market. Yes, the barn doors in the rear get a shout out!

2001 Ford Excursion V10 Limited

He also covers the interior, which even after 10 years looks swanky. It’s a roomy, comfortable, and stylish interior, for sure. One way in which the vehicle shows its age is via the surprise appearance of the cassette player! Hard to believe that in just over a decade, we’ve gone from cassettes, to touchscreen, and even the abandonment of CDs. Kyle covers the puzzle-like configurations of the two rear rows of seats, which somewhat reminisce a Rubik’s Cube.

As you may know, the Excursion fell out of favor with most buyers after gas prices surged in the late-2000s. Much like the Hummer lineup, the Excursion was seen not just as a luxury vehicle, but as a vehicle of excess. Sadly, that led to where we are now, with “SUVs” that are barely anything more than a hatchback.

For those wanting to reminisce about the good ‘ole days, this is the perfect video.

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