The Dumbest Truck Fail We Have Seen yet, and It’s a Chevy

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What happens when “fail” isn’t a good enough word to describe a Chevy driver’s actions?

We want to start by saying that there are plenty of Ford “fail” videos on the internet (thanks Mustang!). But more often than not, it seems like the dumbest truck drivers seem to be sitting behind the wheel of a Bow Tie. If you want some evidence of that, just take one look at this buffoon in a Suburban, performing the biggest towing fail we’ve ever witnessed.

An SUV. Is towing a fifth-wheel camper. Backwards. With a bumper hitch.

There is so much wrong going on that it makes our brain actually hurt. We feel stupider just looking at it. The weight balance is so bad its lifting the back of the Suburban! We just have so many questions. How is this legal? How did no law enforcement office pull him over? Who did he even find to install a hitch on the back of a fifth-wheel? How did this idiot not understand this is a REAL BAD IDEA?!


So, yeah, sorry Chevy fans. We Ford owners make a habit out of dunking our trucks into the water at boat ramps, but I feel this is far beyond the level of stupidity that we usually commit. At least most of our fails are accidents. Not blatant displays of ignorance that challenge the “survival of the fittest” philosophy.

That said, every time we think we have finally seen the dumbest thing we can imagine, the internet comes along to prove us wrong. So if you have an even wilder and dumber truck fail video, please make sure to drop it in the forums.

We need to see it. Our boss has five-dollars on it being another Chevy driver!

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