Incredible Ford GT Photographs Are the Definition of ‘Fake News’

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A professional photographer gets bored and plays with a Ford GT diecast car.

There are thousands of professional car photographers in the world, as well as untold millions of smartphone users trying to become the next Jeremy Cliff with their subtle applications of Instagram filters. As a result, a photographer must do something truly amazing to grab our attention these days.

We recently stumbled across the beautiful Ford GT images you see here. The photos were taken by Travis Ingram in Grand Junction, Colorado. If the name rings a bell, it is because we showed you some shots he took of a Ford F-100 a couple of years ago.

Ford GT

These photos are a little different from the old F-100 shots, though. You see, this Ford GT isn’t actually a real car. It’s a model car, and he snapped the pictures with his Apple iPhone. Seriously. These images were made with nothing more than a Maisto 1:18 scale die-cast, an iPhone camera, and buckets of talent.

It turns out Travis was bored one day and wanted to practice “background swapping” techniques. Instead of getting out the professional gear, he snapped some photos of the little Ford GT on his phone and got to work. Can you imagine being talented enough that this is the kind of product you create when you’re “bored and messing around?”

Ford GT

We can’t get over how realistic these photos look. Sadly, Ingram says he won’t be selling any prints of these photographs. Being basic iPhone photo experiments, he says the quality is not something he would feel proud to print. We guess the office wall will have to remain Ford GT-free for a little while longer.

Regardless, we think these photos are powerful, dynamic, and damned-fine displays of skill and talent. So with that, we’ll shut up and let these photos speak for themselves.

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