F-150 Believes it Could Fly…then Proves It!

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Old F-150 performs one last glorious stunt before heading to the junkyard.

This week’s Freaky Friday video comes to us from the YouTube channel or Canadian motocross racer Mark Freeman and it features a 10th generation Ford F-150 taking to the skies. While we feature a great many jumping truck clips, this one is unique in that there is no driver, meaning that there is no concern as to what happens to the half-ton Ford after it leaves the ground. That is fortunate, too, as the forces created when this truck hit the ground most certainly would have beaten up on the driver.

The Last Flight

The details on this Ford F-150 are short, but we can tell by the appearance that it is from the 10th generation of the F-Series, running from 1997 through 2003. It is an XLT model with four-wheel-drive and it sounds like it is powered by V8 engine, but that really doesn’t matter here, so long as it has enough power to propel itself into the air.

Ford F-150 Airborn

We know that this F-150 is on its way to its final resting place, but before being sold to the junkyard, the owner decided to have a little fun. Evidently, they did a burnout that is not included in the video, then they took the truck up the hill, facing a big jump for one final stunt.

Driverless Jump

Needless to say, jumping a stock F-150 this high in the air without any safety equipment could pose a real threat to the wellbeing of the driver. To prevent risking injury to anyone, the driver jumps out of the truck as soon as it is headed down the hill, towards the jump. As the truck leaves the jump, we can hear the engine revving, suggesting that the accelerator has been pinned down.

Ford F-150 Takes Flight

As the driverless Ford hits the jump, it is slightly off-center, so it rolls a bit to the passenger’s side, but it slams down safety on the other side. It’s the ground so hard that the airbags deploy and the truck’s momentum instantly stopped. Had there been a driver in the truck for this stunt, even with a helmet on, the impact of the jump and the force of the airbags would have made for a bumpy landing. As for the truck, it appears to have stood up to the hit quite well.

However, with some American ingenuity and a hat-tip to common sense, the guys in this video figured out a way to launch the old F-150 into the air without hurting anyone.

F-150 about to Land

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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