Headlight Swap Gives ’71 F-100 the Evil Eye

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These headlights don’t just make this F-100 look bad to the bone, they’re an easy and useful mod. Let there be fright! 

Just in time for Halloween we came across this 1971 Ford F-100 with a cool and eerie vibe. The video by Craig LoPresti, aka TheCraig909, shows how a minor headlight swap can not just add extra illumination, but definitely brings out an edgy badass look.

LoPresti is starting out with an already cool truck. His fifth-gen F-100 is a hot rig. It is a solid dentside, and the patina is perfection. LoPresti is happy with the current 7″ LED lights he replaced the original halogen lights with. But he’s looking for a little more. He chooses halo LED Jeep headlights by Auxbeam, definitely an inspired choice.

The first order of business is unboxing the halo lights. They are definitely interesting, a nice LED light with a halo around the edge. The plug for the headlight, which is intended for a Jeep, does work with a F-100. LoPresti does a great job of walking us through the process.

1971 F-100 Demon Eyes

The finished project looks so sharp, and the amber glow really complements the F-100’s color and style. But the added bonus is that these are not just for show, the halo headlights are practical and adding a nice amount of extra visibility. He tests them out at night and these lights definitely deliver extra illumination…while also looking like a spooky, kickass haunted truck.

1971 F-100 Demon Eyes

Definitely check out the video. It’s a well done how-to that explains the process well, with an excess of information. A nice extra is that Auxbeam is offering a discount for TheCraig909 viewers, information can be found in the video’s description.

1971 F-100 Demon Eyes

To follow this awesome F-100, as well as LoPresti’s other projects, check out his Instagram account, and his You Tube channel.

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