Hennessey Ford F-150 Heritage Edition Looks like a Total Riot

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Hennessey’s latest Ford F-150 build combines classic styling with huge power. But it can also take on corners, too!

There’s no denying that Hennessey’s Heritage Edition Mustang is one killer ride. The Texas tuner built the special ‘Stang to celebrate its 10,000 vehicle produced, and it looks as good as it goes. Which is saying a lot, since the thing packs an 808 hp supercharged punch. It also sports a design inspired by the 2018 Ford GT Heritage Edition, which was created by the Blue Oval to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that car’s historic Le Mans-winning performance.

But if you’re the lucky owner of either, how are you going to transport them to and from the track? Well, with the Hennessey Ford F-150 Heritage Edition, that’s how. The matching pickup wears the same attractive exterior treatment as its Mustang brethren, of course. But it’s also nearly as powerful. Building off of Ford’s excellent 3rd gen Coyote V8, Hennessey adds a 2.9-liter Whipple blower to crank things up all the way to 758 hp.

Hennessey Ford F-150 Heritage Edition

Which, as you can clearly see in the video above, is more than enough to transform the Ford F-150 Heritage Edition into a proper smoke machine. But make no mistake – this isn’t just some straight line burner. There are a host of suspension goodies too, including sway bars and beefy Brembo brakes.

Hennessey Ford F-150 Heritage Edition

Customers can opt for a Sport Kit that lowers the truck and places it on 22-inch wheels and tires. But this particular F-150 carries the Off-Road upgrade with 35-inch Toyo rubber. And it still rips around corners flatter than any lifted pickup should be allowed to.

Hennessey Ford F-150 Heritage Edition

Thus, the Hennessey Ford F-150 Heritage Edition isn’t just another in a long line of special edition trucks packing little more than a power adder and some badges. It’s an nice package that combines stunning looks with extreme performance that isn’t just limited to straight lines. And in the process, it looks like a total riot to drive!

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