This is Definitely Not How to Use Tow Straps

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Tow Strap Fail

Tow straps are relatively simple contraptions. It doesn’t take a whole lot of skill to secure them and then proceed to yank a fellow driver from a rather unpleasant situation.

Even so, there always has to be the one person who, quite simply, is not the brightest crayon in the box. Sometimes we wonder if this person is even in the box at all or if they just aimlessly wandered off into some other world.

We tend to think that this is exactly what this guy did.

Tow Strap Fail

His friend had apparently gotten stuck trying to climb a large mound of dirt, so he decided to grab his tow strap and hook it up.

Things seem to be going fine up to this point, leaving no reason for the viewer to fret. Even so, things take a turn for the worse when the driver throws his white Ford in reverse and pushes the pedal to the ground.

Unsurprisingly, the tow hitch, bumper, and all come flying off the front of his Ford. On the positive note, the other rig appears to be freed.

The driver seems surprised by the outcome, though our cameraman says it was predictable. Strangely, the driver is smiling in a rather interesting way as he goes to pick up the piece he so rudely tore from the truck.

Tow Strap Fail

We’ll admit that after the driver says a few stupid things — such as “that’s what you do with these straps” — he seems to genuinely own up to it, at least a little.

We’ll say he’s ignorant of the complexities of using the tow straps. Or maybe he just thought it would be fun to pull a stunt like that. Either way, we feel pretty bad for the innocent Ford involved. Luckily, we think it’ll live!

Check out the video below and have fun trying to fathom how anyone could think this was a good idea!

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