Ford GT Wins EyesOn Design Prize

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We all know that the Ford GT is an absolute stunner and going to be a powerful example of what EcoBoost engines will be capable of, but it caught the attention of everyone enough to win the EyesOn Design Prize for the 2015 North American International Auto Show.

Ford GT with EcoBoost
“Ford and its employees are honored to receive this recognition,” said Moray Callum, Ford Motor Company vice president, Design.

“The great thing about the all-new Ford GT is that we were able to maintain the essence of the original GT40, while making it into a 21st century car. The GT’s cutting-edge technology and engineering demonstrate Ford’s commitment to performance and innovation in every aspect of our business.”

Not only is the new GT a showcase for EcoBoost engines, like what’s in the upcoming 2016 Ford Raptor, but also new materials that will reduce weight and increase strength throughout its chassis.

Ford made a killer introduction thanks to the Ford GT and now everyone is excited about what the brand will bring out next and what new parts will be improved upon in future models.

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