Got $22,000? Check Out This 1928 Model A Roadster Pickup

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Check out this 1928 Model A Roadster Pickup that’s for sale over at Hemmings for $22,000. The completely restored dark blue truck has a brand new black top and upholstery and it is located in Stow, Massachusetts.

The owner says it’s rust free and it has its original rebuilt engine that matches the frame number. Also, the transmission has Mitchell Synchromesh gears so you can drive it like a regular vehicle.

$22,000 is a lot of money for an old truck but it’s still cheaper than a 2015 F-150 and it doesn’t look like a giant refrigerator with wheels either.

The dark blue and black combo looks pretty good too. Maybe Ford should bring back the roadster pickup. They can make it out of aluminum and slap an EcoBoost in it while they are at it.

Check out more photos and information about the sale at Hemmings here.

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