Would You Buy This Ford Pinto Pickup?

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Cars turned into trucks isn’t exactly a new thing. Australia has been doing it for years with Utes. However, here in America, the trend really never caught on. Ford and Chevy saw some commercial success with the El Camino and the Ranchero, but those were definitely not the big sellers when they were new.

But since then, people have continued to make car/truck type utes in their own garages all across the country, including this Pinto which started off as a wagon, and has since been turned into the tiny truck you see before you.


Now, why would anyone want to build a Pinto truck is beyond our understanding. It has a four-speed manual transmission hooked up to a four-cylinder engine that produces, wait for it…84 horsepower. According to the seller, everything works on this custom Pinto, and it even has a fresh paint job!


Now for the price, and I have to say, it isn’t as bad as some of the owners of these custom cars usually ask for. This Pinto pickup is currently on Craigslist for only $2,500, which makes it a steal? Maybe, it could be fun though just to hoon around. Maybe even put a hot tub in the back since there doesn’t appear to be a tailgate. I’d still lowball the seller with $1,750 though.


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