Tackle Any Terrain with Raptor RC Crawler King

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Maybe you want a new Raptor, but you can’t get one right now because new ones aren’t in production. Maybe you really want one, but can’t afford the price of entry. Maybe you just like RC cars. Whatever your reasons are, you should check out this Crawler King off-road RC vehicle built with a Raptor body!

The Crawler King features two solid axles and a full-time four-wheel drive system. The Raptor body is built on top of a ladder frame designed to fit through the narrowest of off-road spots. Giant off-road tires make it easy to conquer any terrain.


Additionally, all of the sensitive components are waterproof (but not designed to be submerged), so you can off-road in mud or snow.

Finally, it’s as easy to drive as any standard remote-controlled car.


While yes, this does sound like a bit of a sponsored post going through all of the details of the car, but it’s just a cool RC car built to look and drive like a Raptor. And you should already know, we like Raptors here.

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via [Radio Control Car Nation]

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