Question of the Week: Which Bronco Is Hotter?

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broncoWhile some Ford Bronco renderings are tame, others are wild and sexy!

We have featured several renderings of the 2020 Ford Bronco, each one with unique design characteristics, which lead us to our latest “Question of the Week.” We want to know which design you would rather see echoed in the actually production version?

First up we have this retro rendering from Bronco6G, which has a more traditional take on the Ford SUV. This artwork was based on the side and rear body lines of the last generation full size Bronco, similar to OJ Simpson’s famous white ride. Since the 2020 Bronco will be a midsize vehicle, this rendering shows a Bronco that might be slightly inaccurate. Of course, it’s always hard to judge actual vehicle size by looking at graphics of this kind.

Next we have this silver rendering from an unknown source, which is clearly a far edgier yet realistic look. This Bronco is unlike anything that we have seen before in production trim, but it bears the main brand image of new Fords. Here we can see some trails from the old Bronco II, with a smaller body and the big off-road tires pushed out to the corners. This rendering has a unique wheel arch design, and a signature grille and headlights that offer some resemblance to current vehicles.


The odds of the actual 2020 Ford Bronco looking similar to these might be good, but it certainly won’t look exactly like them. With the Ford Everest already in production, there may be other design characteristics that might sneak into the American version.

All we know is that a Jeep-slaying, V8-powered Ford Bronco is the best Bronco!

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