Should the Next Ford Ranger and Bronco Have Aluminum Bodies?

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Should the Bronco and Ranger enjoy the weight and strength benefits of aluminum construction?

The Ford Ranger is expected to return to the US market in 2019, and Ford Bronco is expected to return in 2020. Both iconic nameplates will be built in Michigan, and they will likely share a midsized body-on-frame platform.

What we don’t know, is whether the new Ranger and Bronco will feature a similar aluminum body to the F-150 and Super Duty, or if they’ll stick with steel. The aluminum body panels have certainly faced criticism — mostly from the marketing folks at General Motors. But with these trucks having been on the road for a few years now, the disadvantages to the aluminum body are practically nonexistent.


Yes, an F-150 which catches fire might see more body damage than one with a steel body and yes. Also, if you drop paving stones from a front-loader bucket 6 feet in the air, you might puncture the non-protected aluminum bed. But, that’s common sense, right? On the other hand, the new aluminum F-150 and Super Duty pickups are lighter, which makes them more efficient and much more capable.

Do you think the new Ranger and Bronco will have aluminum body panels? Mind you, we are not asking if you if they should, but if you’d want them to.

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