Some See a School Bus, We See a Cheap RV Summer Project!

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school bus

Give this pair of old school buses a second chance at life, and have some fun while at it.

Millions of folks fantasize about buying an RV and traveling across the country, discovering what this incredible country has to offer. The problem is that most new RVs are very expensive. So why not just buy a school bus and make it into the RV of your dreams?

This Los Angeles area Craigslist ad lists two well-maintained school buses for sale, and they’re pretty inexpensive. Two of the buses are Ford E-350s with 7.3L and 6.0L turbo diesel engines, and the best part is that they’re fairly low-mileage, with only 202,000 miles for the 7.3L and 100,000 for the 6.0L. Not shabby for mighty workhorses that could probably travel north of 300,000 miles.

school bus

The real appeal of converting your own RV is the work you put into it. Sure, you could spend $75,000 and get a decent one out of the box, but why not spend a quarter of that and make it truly your own? Plus, you would turn quite a few heads in a converted school bus that’s big enough to live in. With price tags of $5,500 and $4,500, you could buy these for a fraction of what a new RV costs. So why not buy both?

Go out, convert a school bus and live your dream! Just don’t buy it to haul around strangers’ children. There are laws against that.

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Charles Dean is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Rennlist, among other auto sites.

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