Poll: Besides Solid Axles, What Are Other Bronco Must-Haves?

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We Now Know the Upcoming Bronco Will (Most Likely) Feature Solid Axles, but What Else Does It Need?

There are many components that make up an off-road oriented SUV such as the Bronco. Thanks to an investors presentation by Dana we found out the upcoming bucking horse will feature solid Dana axles. This put to rest rumors that the new Ford Bronco would be nothing but a glorified mall-crawler, for now.

That leads me to the following: what else should the Bronco be equipped with in order to be the real deal? Some would say a V8 engine, and others a clutch-pedal and a shift-stick. Meanwhile, the large majority of young buyers would lean toward advanced technology like in the 2017 Raptor. In addition, us at Ford Truck Enthusiasts simply believe Ford knows what they’re doing. After all, these are the minds behind the new Ford GT, Raptor, and RS. They’re up for the challenge.

Ford Bronco

More importantly, what do you, the future customers, think are non-negotiable features for the Bronco? Are you expecting them purely due to nostalgia caused by the old model, or because they actually make sense? It’s important to remember that Ford’s Executive Vice President Raj Nair confirmed the new Bronco won’t be a rebadged Ford Everestand it will actually focus on off-road capability. Furthermore, it must still cater to a mainstream audience in order to compete in the fierce crossover/SUV segment.

Ford has a tough balancing act on their hands any way you look at it. Despite the enormous challenge, the Blue Oval has kept reinventing the F-150, Super Duty, and let’s not forget — the Mustang throughout the years. All iconic, and all of them better than ever.

Let us know what you think the new Bronco must have!

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Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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