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Ford Ranger

Ingenious Truck Enthusiast Turns $750 Used Ford Ranger into a Practical Motorhome

This week’s “Throwback Thursday” video features what might just be one of the most unusual Ford Ranger pickups we have seen. We have looked at all sorts of modified Rangers in the past, including drag-race trucks, mud trucks and lowriders, but never before have we seen a Ranger which has been converted into a miniature motorhome.


This 1984 Ford Ranger RV belongs to a man named Jamie, who bought it for the incredibly low price of just $750. In the video below, Jamie walks us through the specifics of this compact motorhome which is actually surprisingly roomy inside.

The video starts off with Jamie explaining how and why he came to own this Ford Ranger motorhome. He also chats about the simple fuel issue that prevented it from running when he first purchased it. We learn that this Ranger RV is powered by a 2.9L V6, which is mated to a five-speed manual transmission. And while this small Ford is rear-drive, it has dual rear wheels for added stability. Oh, it also has twin fuel tanks for those extra-long camping trips.


The most interesting part of this Ranger is, of course, the Roll-A-Long camper conversion body which replaces the normal cargo box. The wider fiberglass body extends out to the edge of the dual rear wheels and out over the stock cab, with a filler for the five-gallon water tank joining the twin fuel filler doors. From the outside, it looks like this Ranger RV has to be awfully tight inside, but with the top popped up — it is surprisingly roomy.

Ford Ranger

Jamie offers us a look at the interior with the top down and then up, highlighting the ample storage space of his Ford Ranger RV, along with the dual range cooking top, the small sink, a built-in icebox and the twin couches that slide together to create a bed. There is even a tiny room that he claims is intended to be the bathroom — but there doesn’t appear to be a toilet of any kind.

We are impressed at how well the company made the camper portion so roomy, turning this tiny pickup into a great camping vehicle for two.

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