A 1993 Lightning Prerunner, Because Why the Heck Not?

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1993 Lightning

Ford’s Lightning high-performance truck was an exciting addition to the pickup truck market, bringing straight line speed and enhanced cornering ability to enthusiasts everywhere. The Lightning is still a popular collector truck, and a base for building racers to this day. You’ll even find them setting new E.T. records at drag strips quite frequently.

1993 Lightning

What you won’t see, however, is another truck like this one. This 1993 Lightning model has received the full on Prerunner treatment – a two-wheel drive truck that has bigger wheels and tires, along with a modified suspension that makes it a capable off roader. While the definition of Prerunner can vary greatly, these are its most common characteristics.

1993 Lightning

This isn’t just a case where some guy decided to lift his Lightning and throw on bigger wheels and tires. Nope. Front beams from a Ford Bronco have been added (but no transfer case or axles), along with extended radius arms, coilovers with 17″ of travel, a custom single swing steering setup, and a bed cage with spare tire.

1993 Lightning

The engine and transmission are stock, but a Magnaflow exhaust has been added for easy breathing. To keep things cool, a 3 core radiator was installed with two 13″ electric fans.

It’s hard to fathom why somebody would take a perfectly good 1993 Lightning and turn it into a Prerunner, but this one is at least nicely executed. If you are the type who is absolutely smitten with this sort of thing, you can actually buy it here.

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