Stop Driving Like an Asshole

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I want you to watch this video, and I want you to watch it very carefully. If you act like any person in this video, besides the single pickup truck (we are just better people in general, I feel) I want you to stop driving and reevaluate your life. The video is from the wicked minds at and it’s called “How to Drive Like an Asshole.” It gets everything perfect from texters, to non-lookers to how to use your damn turn signal.

The video even goes into the really big pet peeves I have of cutting others off, passing and slowing down, and then parking in the left lane on the highway. Seriously with that last one, people. It makes me want to shoot you with the flare gun in my glove box; turning your car just a glowing orange fireball careening off the road, conveniently clearing the path for me to continue on my merry way.

So I repeat, if you are guilty of any of these things, please change your ways. The roads are amazing and I want them to remain that way. So stop driving like an asshole, and drive like a truck owner. Preferably a Ford truck owner, but at this rate I’ll take anything I can.

Also, never forget to wave your hands in the air like you just can’t believe that happened.

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