Listen to the 2016 Shelby GT350 Roar

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2015 Mustang GT350

Without a doubt, the Boss 302 (and Laguna Seca version) was the best driving Mustang of the last generation, and perhaps even the best driving Mustang to date. Ford aims to change that with the 2016 Shelby GT350.

Ford Performance is the new overarching brand for all of Ford’s performance vehicles. One of those vehicles is the GT350, and it has some special performance technology to back up the looks.

The 5.2L V8 is all-new for this application, and features a flat-plane crankshaft. In laymen’s terms, it means the engine is more awesome because it can rev more freely. That means a redline over 8,000 RPM and an engine note not unlike a Ferrari.

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Check out the video where Ford Performance explains more about the engine powering the Shelby GT350 and listen to its mighty roar as it drives on the street and the track.

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photo via [Brandon Redeker]

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