Poll: Replace Damaged OEM Wheel or Buy 4 New Aftermarket

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As temperatures drop around the country, pothole season will soon be upon us. With that, comes the possibility of broken or badly damaged wheels that won’t hold air. It’s the time of year when something little can snowball into something big.

Earlier this week a friend of mine hit a pothole near the city of Detroit while driving a small crossover, which caused the tire to blow. When he went to get the tire replaced, he discovered that the wheel was damaged and would no longer hold air – and when checking with the dealership he found out that a new wheel was over $500 bucks.


After learning how much an OEM wheel would cost, he hunted around and found a set of aftermarket wheels for only a little more than $500, so rather than buying one new OEM wheel – he bought four aftermarket wheels.

This is a problem that can plague anyone with a new vehicle and a damaged wheel, so for our newest Question of the Week, we want to know what you would do (or have done) in this situation. If you damaged a stock wheel on your truck or SUV, would you pay the big price for one new OEM wheel, or would you turn to the aftermarket for four new wheels which cost about the same price?

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