F-150 Tough Truck Racer Goes So Fast It Loses Its Flag

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This silly video courtesy of, offroad mud, reminds us all to make sure any flag flown on the back of our pickup needs to be well-secured.

Here you can see a fairly stock-looking Ford F-150 pickup with stickers and an American flag flying from the back of the cab. When the run begins, the American flag flows majestically behind the F-150, but about halfway through the run, a bumpier portion of the track proves to be too much for the flag mount. The flag falls from the back of the truck and the F-150 has to finish the run in a less patriotic fashion

Other than dropping the flag, this F-150 did surprisingly well in this tough truck race, making it through the bumps and jumps without losing any of its body parts.

Remember – if you are going to fly a flag, make sure that it is secured in place!

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