Are You in the Mood for a ‘New’ Ford Excursion?

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This 2012 F-250 Excursion wasn’t built by Ford, but it could’ve fooled us, and most likely you too.

When Ford unveiled the Excursion in the year 2000, it immediately captured the hearts of Blue Oval fans everywhere. It was a symbol of excess, given its title as the longest and heaviest SUV ever to be produced. Unfortunately, the excess that so many people loved also sealed the Excursion’s fate. Numerous haters labeled it a gas guzzling destroyer of the environment, and the big SUV met its unfortunate fate following the 2005 model year.


Or did it? While Ford stopped building Excursions right after 2005, it hasn’t stopped others from continuing to do so. After all, the SUV was based on the F-250 pickup, so mating the back half of an SUV onto a modern Super Duty results in a newer Excursion. They even look so natural that you’d think Ford built it. Case in point? This 2012 F-250 “Excursion” we spotted on eBay.

The original owner actually purchased a new F-250 in 2012, and shipped it off along with a 2005 Excursion for a conversion job. Judging by the quality of the work, you’d be hard pressed to figure out it wasn’t built by Ford. This new/modern version of Ford’s giant SUV was built using a King Ranch, so it’s pretty darn luxurious too.


Just seeing this masterful build makes us long for a new Excursion even more. After all, can you imagine how great it would look using the new Super Duty body? For now (and probably forever), our large, diesel-powered SUV dreams don’t look like they’ll come true. Unless we buy something like this, of course.

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