Ford Trucks Join the Tiny House Movement

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Ford Trucks

Big Ford trucks and tiny houses! See how a pair of F-Series set out to tow little living spaces across America.

Not too long ago Americans wanted everything super sized. But, our seemingly endless gluttony finally caught up to us during the last financial crisis. A crumbling housing market led to an entirely new, sharply contrasting trend — tiny houses. If you’re going to share a couple of hundred square feet with your family, you might as well have a nice truck to keep your sanity… we mean… tow it with. Right?

Even if you can’t fathom spending all your time rubbing elbows with your loved ones (literally), we can all agree that the concept is pretty cool. Instead of chaining yourself to a huge mortgage or deciding to live in the same boring town forever, you can simply hitch up and move when you want. With many of these little houses priced in affordable new car territory, you’ll have money left over to travel.

Ford Trucks

The trend is so hot that it’s spawned multiple TV shows, and it also proved hot enough for Ford to strike a partnership. When Petite Retreats, builder of little rolling vacation homes introduced a pair of brand new tiny homes, it seemed like a match made in heaven, especially since the homes were named in honor of Henry Ford and his wife Clara.

Both homes debuted at the 2017 New York International Auto Show, and immediately following the show’s completion they’ll hit the road and travel cross-country. “Henry,” which spans 181 square feet and weighs in at 9,000 pounds will be towed by a 2017 F-150. A 2017 F-250 will pull “Clara,” which features 252 square feet and weighs 12,000 pounds. The tiny homes will make initial appearances in Boston and Philadelphia, with additional stops announced later.

Ford Trucks

So maybe you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and downsize into a miniature home, and we certainly can’t blame you. But, the idea of renting one for a vacation sounds enticing. Despite the size, spending time in a tiny house sure sounds more appealing than some old camper, or sleeping in a tent hoping you don’t become a giant bear taco!

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