New Bronco Rendering Surfaces, Does It Have Credibility?

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Yes, we’re beating a dead horse here with all of our Bronco talk, but a new set of renderings of what the new SUV from Ford surfaced today. While this is just an artist conception, it does share a bit of Ford’s current design language with classic Bronco looks.

Our friends at BoldRide came up with these renderings, which depict the new Bronco as a traditional two-door vehicle. The front end resembles the new Ford Explorer in a lot of ways, and considering the Bronco would be in the same family of utility vehicles, it stands to reason they’ll share the similar face, rather than the face of the F-150.


Around back the SUV carries the F-150’s LED rear taillights, and a big BRONCO stamp across the back hatch.

Considering it’s just an artist rendering, we don’t expect the final version to look like this, but this rendering does incorporate some of Ford’s design language in a way that could make sense.

beating a dead horse

What do you think? Is this design plausible? Do you like it? Let us know over in the forums!

via [BoldRide]

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