You Can Own This Pristine 1973 Ford Courier

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Looking to add a classic Ford Courier pickup truck to your collection, but having a difficult time finding the exact truck you’re looking for? Look no further than this 1973 beauty currently for sale on Bring a Trailer.

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This particular Courier has a 1.8L 4-cylinder engine. While it’s painted in an original color, it had been repainted in the past couple of years. From the photos, and according to the seller, there is no visible rust, and the truck doesn’t look like it’s been in an accident.

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There’s a few dents from normal wear and tear, specifically in the bed of the truck, but nothing that would really prevent me from looking at this truck.

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Maybe you need a shop truck to run errands in, or you’re just looking for something unique amongst the huge Mall Crawlers that are out there today? Definitely head on over to Bring a Trailer and check it out. If I didn’t live where it was salty and snowy, I’d already be bidding on it!

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