Why Yes, This Raptor DOES Have a Gatling Gun Installed!

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Trucks are some of the most customized vehicles on the planet. Aftermarket companies cater to this trend by offering some of the coolest and useful accessories available. But when you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you gotta go special. Apparently, this Raptor owner has a problem with traffic. He installed a gatling gun to his truck!

Yes, that’s a machine gun installed next to the driver’s side headlight. No, we don’t think that’s “street legal.” Yes, we do think it’s badass.

According to the Facebook page Ford Raptor Fans,┬áthis photo comes from David Pichla. It also appears to just be an artist rendering and not a real truck. But even then, it doesn’t diminish the coolness of the Raptor.


It’s a cool concept that we’re surprised someone hasn’t tried. This truck clearly would be something that I’d want in the event of the zombie apocalypse, even over the mighty Gurkha we featured recently.

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