How to Kill Your Ford Explorer

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Big jump results in massive damage to this off-roading Ford Explorer, likely marking the end of its days.

This week’s Freaky Friday video comes to us from the Outdoor Automotive YouTube channel and it features a 1999 Ford Explorer doing a little light off-roading. Well, it starts off as light off-roading, but it turns into more serious off-roading when it crosses a pond and soars through the air, landing in a not-so-friendly position.

Fortunately, this stunt made for a fun video, as this was very likely the last fun thing that this 1999 Ford Explorer ever did before heading off to the automotive graveyard.

1999 Ford Explorer Jumping

The Last Ride

The video above begins with the 1999 Ford Explorer way off in the distance, sitting atop a hill overlooking a path that leads down to a small pond. The driver eases down the first hill, picking up speed as the path levels off and almost catching air as the Ford SUV makes a hard right towards the muddy pond.

The Explorer hits the pond at a point where it is just mud, easily blasting through the slop and hitting a dirt jump that tosses the old Ford up into the air. The lack of speed off of the jump and the awkward angle of the impromptu ramp cause the vehicle to nose-down hard on the landing. The impact smashed the front bumper and grille back towards the engine along with doing enough damage to the suspension to move back the front wheels.

1999 Ford Explorer Hard Landing

A Violent End

As the Explorer coasts to a stop, the camera shows us antifreeze pouring from the undercarriage, as the front end may have smashed the radiator on the impact. In any case, the damage to the cooling system and the front suspension is severe enough that this 1999 Ford is likely in a junkyard now, if it hasn’t been parted out and crushed.

1999 Ford Explorer Damage

Crank up your speakers and enjoy. If you have an Explorer that you would like to kill, this looks like a fun way to say goodbye.

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