F-150 Lariat with EcoBoost is the F-150 for Everyone

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YouTuber’s experience with the 2019 F-150 Lariat pulls him closer to being a truck guy. Now, if he would just stop with the specs.

There’s a reason why the F-150 is not only the best-selling truck around, but also the best-selling vehicle in North America. The F-150 can truly do it all for so many: hauling equipment to the job site, delivering bags of mulch to the homestead, putting the hammer down on the strip, cleaning up for a night on the town, bashing through the dunes, and so on. With so many paths to take, there’s an F-150 for the journey.

But which one is the best all-arounder F-150? For Joe Raiti of YouTube channel Raiti’s Rides believes it’s the 2019 F-150 Lariat with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 and 10-speed automatic with the FX4 four-wheel drive system.

2019 F-150 Lariat

“When you compare this [front end] to a Chevy, GMC, Dodge, this is an aggressive, very muscular appearance to the front of the truck,” says Raiti of the F-150 Lariat, “and I really like that, especially with the ruby red color.” Raiti is also enamored by the chrome grill and trim around it, as well as the front-mounted camera underneath the Blue Oval, and the “usable, chrome tow hooks.” He’s so impressed by the designers’ work on the F-150 that he’s falling “more, more in love every time” he does a review of an F-150, despite not being a truck person.

2019 F-150 Lariat

“Remember, that is the same EcoBoost, only downgraded a little bit power-wise, that’s in the Ford Raptor,” he says of the Lariat’s version of the 3.5-liter twin-turbo which usually propels the Raptor to 60 mph from a standing stop in five seconds. For the Lariat, though, it simply means excellent fuel economy and “that awesome towing ability.” It also sounds amazing when revved.

2019 F-150 Lariat

Raiti then spends some time inside the Lariat’s luxurious cabin, which includes plenty of wood trim, tan leather seats that he finds too tan for his tastes, and the SYNC 3 system. For Raiti, “these are the things that make you feel like you are in the lap of luxury. And if you think up front is the only place where you can get it, your kids, your relatives, your friends, your neighbors that are sitting in the back get the same level of quality.”

2019 F-150 Lariat

“Every time I get into one of these Ford trucks, they really just open my eyes to where we’re moving in the truck segment,” Raiti says. “Like many of you are aware, I’m not the biggest truck guy, but boy do I feel like I’m becoming one, because these trucks are not like my dad’s old ’77 Ford Ranger.”

Overall, Raiti is truly impressed by what Ford has done with its trucks, especially the F-150. For him, the F-150 “is like going to Baskin-Robbins: there’s a flavor for everybody.” With the Lariat in particular, it’s the perfect balance of luxury, performance, and work capability the F-150 is known for. Now, if he could only not go on and on about the spec sheet.

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