Two Views of a Raptor Climbing Steep Dirt Hill will Make Your Day

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Twin turbocharged F-150 Raptor makes it to the top after a handful of other vehicles failed.

These videos come to us from the jabroni6199 YouTube channel and they feature a new Ford F-150 Raptor climbing a steep hill from two different angles. The videos show the same climb, with the upper video showing the run from a photographer standing on the side of the trail while the video below shows that run from a drone. Both show how well the off-road-ready handles a trail that proved to be impassable for a few other vehicles.

Raptor Versus the World

These videos only show the Ford F-150 Raptor climbing the hill, but the details explain that this little crew also attempted to climb this trail with a Ford Escape AWD, a Subaru Outback and an Infiniti QX56. Those are all four-wheel-drive vehicles and the trail doesn’t look all that serious, but none of them were able to make it to the peak. We would guess that they made it past the vantage point of the photographer in the video above, but ran into troubles when they got to the steep incline towards the top.

F-150 Raptor Climbing a Hill

The details also explain that the Infiniti made it the furthest, but it still failed. On the other hand, the Raptor hardly broke a sweat while climbing this hill along the Otay Mountain Truck Trail in San Diego County.

F-150 Raptor Climbing Drone Footage

An Easy Workout

The hill being tackled in these videos branches off of a well-groomed portion of the Otay Mountain Truck Trail, with this side trail being rockier, with more loose dirt and a steeper incline. It doesn’t appear to be all that steep, but the incline gauge in the Truck Apps recorded a maximum angle of 22-degrees, and that is pretty steep. It was steep enough to stop those two SUVs and the wagon, but it was nowhere near rough enough to slow down the mighty F-150 Raptor.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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