Slick SEMA 2018 Ford F-150 Makes Caps Cool Again

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SEMA 2018 Ford F-150

We’re coming to you live from SEMA 2018, where we spotted this capped Ford F-150 that almost looks like a ‘ute.

Remember back in the ’70s and ’80s, when every truck worth its salt had a topper covering the bed? Heck, you probably rode in the back of one on some sort of homemade seat or just a toolbox. At least once, that is. But those old funky looking caps of yesterday can’t hold a candle to the sleek new ones. Just take a look at this slick Ford F-150 setup from A.R.E. that we spotted at SEMA 2018.

We’re coming to you live from SEMA all week, bringing you all the greatest custom builds and parts we can find. And this capped Ford F-150 certainly stood out from the rest. Mostly because, well, that A.R.E. topper is unlike any other cap we’ve ever seen. It’s sleek, attractive, and downright cool. Heck, it looks so natural here you might think this Ford F-150 is actually some sort of Bronco redo at first glance.

SEMA 2018 Ford F-150

Which is cool with us, for obvious reasons. We’d love to have the option of buying an F-150 based Bronco once again. But we digress. Nobody’s cutting the rear of their cab out to make this a bona fide SUV. Well, at least not yet. But just imagine the possibility! We’d take this one as is, too. Complete with lift kit, snazzy wheels, and off-road rubber.

SEMA 2018 Ford F-150

Not to mention the beefy bumpers, Raptor grille, and various light pods all over the place. All together, this Ford F-150 is truly a standout in the sea of amazing rides we’ve seen so far. But stay tuned, because we’re bringing you the best SEMA 2018 has to offer all week!

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