Ford Excursion Unleashes the Evil Within at SEMA

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2003 Ford Excursion "Project SD-60" SEMA

Custom Excursion build by Sinister Diesel is right at home in Sin City. 

If you think of the Ford Excursion as just a reliable, sensible SUV, Sinister Diesel is going to change your mind. Their Excursion for SEMA was born to raise hell. The custom build, named “Project SD-60” is truly savage.

To make Project SD-60, Sinister Diesel started out with a 2003 Ford Excursion. They added a 6.0-liter Ford Powerstroke and rebuilt and modified the engine and transmission. With beefy torque and hefty horsepower, the truck was then lifted and modded out with a hefty dose of attitude.

2003 Ford Excursion "Project SD-60" SEMA

The engine and transmission feature Sinister Diesel exhaust headers, Powermax turbo, coolant filtration kit, upgraded EGR cooler, cold air intake, Billet 250 amp alternator, and much more.

2003 Ford Excursion "Project SD-60" SEMA

Next they built a custom suspension and drivetrain. They used a custom lift kit with billet diff covers, Sway-A-Way coil-over shocks and piggy back shocks, Yukon gears, PSC hydraulic steering ram, and ARB air lockers.

2003 Ford Excursion "Project SD-60" SEMA

We love that bold custom grille from Royalty Core.

The exterior got a custom wrap, and menacing badging and artwork. The custom lights by Rigid Industries work well with the Retro Customs headlights and taillights, and make this more off-road capable. As do the 42″ Fury tires.

2003 Ford Excursion "Project SD-60" SEMA

Red is the perfect color for the custom winch, American Force rims, winch, and tow components.

It may be one pretty rig, but don’t think this was built for show. No, is one bad diesel barbarian.

Photos for Ford Truck Enthusiasts by Nolan Browning 

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