Ford GT Ordering Process Revealed?

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If a Redditor by the screen name of 3031983 is to be believed, prospective buyers of the 2017 Ford GT will have to go through an application process to (hopefully) get their hands on one of the mid-engine exotics.

3031983 said he or she works at a Ford dealership and saw the following information on an internal site:

•Ford will introduce a unique ordering process for the all-new Ford GT supercar, with the program commencing in early 2016.

•Ford GTs will be assigned based on a customer application process, offering a personalized experience for every Ford GT buyer.

•Anyone can apply; priority will be given to loyal Ford customers including current Ford GT owners.

•Applicants selected through the process will be assigned a car by Ford and complete their purchase through a Ford GT certified dealership of their choice.

It seems Ford is serious about making the GT into a legitimate supercar. First, there was news of its Lamborghini-Aventador-like price. Now, there’s this claim of a Ferrari-esque ordering process.

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