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Hardcore Ford Enthusiast Breaks Down the F-150 & GT350

Powell's 2013 F-150 Front at Work

Modified F-150 owner explains why Ford is the best for both trucks and cars.

  Comments | By - November 8, 2018

Don’t Use Combustion System Cleaners on the EcoBoost F-150

Using a popular engine cleansing system could ruin the turbochargers of your F-150 EcoBoost engine.

  Comments | By - November 7, 2018

2017 EcoBoost Explorer Does an Awesome Burnout

Disabling the all-wheel-drive system in the Explorer Sport creates an incredible tire slayer.

  Comments | By - October 2, 2018

C’mon Feel the Noize: Ford Owner’s F-150 EcoBoost Gets Loud & Nasty

Redditor F-150 with Flowmaster Exhaust

Simple changes to exhaust system make F-150 roar like a lion.

  Comments | By - September 12, 2018

Tuned EcoBoost F150 Runs with a Blown Silverado: Truckin’ Fast Wednesday

Tuned 2018 F-150 EcoBoost

Massively modified Silverado barely beats the near-stock EcoBoost F-150 in the quarter mile.

  Comments | By - August 22, 2018

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