Could We See the New Bronco as Early as Next Year?

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The Internet is a-buzz about the possibility of the Ford Ranger and the Ford Bronco making a return for sales in the United States. But how soon could we see this amazing new product? Could we see it as early as next year?


Currently, the UAW and Ford are in negotiations for a new contract. During this time, it was apparently discussed what would happen to the production at the Michigan Assembly Plant when Ford moves Focus and C-Max production out of the country. To fill that capacity, it is believed the Ranger will be back.

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So how do we get to the topic of the Bronco? Well, some believe that Ranger production alone wouldn’t be enough to keep the Michigan plant buzzing, so they’d need another vehicle. The Ranger platform would, in theory, be used for this new Bronco since they’ll already be produced at that plant.


Even though C-Max and Focus production isn’t moving until around 2018, it’d make sense to show a concept as early as next year. We reached out to Ford for comment, and William Mattiace gave us the following response:

We don’t speculate on future product plans.

That’s not a no!

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