An Extraordinary Conversion of a Jurassic Park Explorer

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Few have the time or finances to recreate movie cars although a UK laddie buck has done extraordinary job of this Jurassic Park conversion. The majority of the componentry equipped inside is just novelty as real movie props are, though the paint is real and so is the passion. Let’s explore some of the major crafting done to piece together this well-done Jurassic Park Ford Explorer replica.

For starters doing a conversion of an American car in the UK is just a difficult job. Shipping costs are sky high. Attaining a decently cared for low-mileage first-generation Explorer was the initial task.

The project began by finding and fitting the proper front and rear grille guards with proper lighting. This fellow couldn’t find a direct fit so he found some Land Rover grille guards and used some smart sizing techniques. The rears were from a Gen 2 Explorer and also fitted with some finesse.

Next step was readying the exterior for paint. Starting with sanding down the body before the primer coat is applied. Departing componentry included the windows and trim. At the same time he began locating parts by himself and with the help of forums. Primo finds at salvage yards for the cyclone wheels and running boards.

Building up parts for the exterior sounded just as difficult as finding parts for the interior. He did a masterful job recreating the interior with an intact dashboard, touring navi screens, microphones and faux-woodgrain interior trim.

The top-notch job is the reason for all the press. Even though he didn’t build in that radical panoramic roof where the T-Rex stares inside during the movie, the paint is a pure dream. Take a look at the pictures of the process and you’ll admire his hard work and precision painting. What movie car would you recreate? James Bond’s Lotus submarine?

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