Ford’s Mark LaNeve on Bronco: “It’s a Great Nameplate!”

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Earlier this morning at the Chicago Auto Show, Ford’s VP of Marketing, Sales and Service Mark LaNeve talked about his company plans to introduce four all new vehicles in the next four years. Of course, he was asked if one of them would be the new Bronco. “It’s a great nameplate!” he replied.

As we reported earlier, Ford would be doing four new SUVs in the next 4 years. These will be all-new nameplates to the brand, and LaNeve reiterated that they’d be new models and not just refreshes of current vehicles.

Considering Ford is already in a large number of SUV segments, and doing well in them, there aren’t too many places they necessarily could expand. Though it seems more and more logical that the Bronco would be one of those vehicles.

LaNeve wouldn’t comment on any future product, but several reporters tried to ask roundabout questions to get more information;

“Will any of these new SUVs be built at the Michigan Assembly Plant?” asked one.

“I won’t comment on that,” LaNeve replied.

To close off the interview session, LaNeve did give us that little gem of, ‘It’s a great nameplate!” More and more it’s looking like that’ll be a nameplate Ford will ultimately resurrect.

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