BUILDUP 2002 Ford Ranger Edge FX4 Conversion

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2002 Ford Ranger Edge 4.0L Fx4 Build

Ford truck enthusiast DemonRace6 has been a member of Ford-Trucks since 2007, and is also a devout supporter of the site. Though he spent some time working on another project — a Yamaha Rhino, to be exact — he is still pursuing a rather unique build with his father.

buildupThe build seems basic at first; the truck they have chosen to work with is a 2002 Ford Ranger Edge 4.0L Fx4 with an automatic transmission.

Now, DemonRace6 and his father are big fans of quiet, fuel efficient diesel trucks, so here’s the catch: the goal with the truck is to make the Ford much more fuel efficient while maintaining the same, or greater, power within the 4.0L gas engine.

CL TDI Engine

After this was decided, DemonRace6 and his father had to do their research and make some tough decisions. What engine to use? What about the transmission?

After a while, they narrowed their choices in diesel engines to just a few, and ended up deciding on a VW TDI 2.0L. The choice for transmissions was also tricky, but they decided on the NV-3550 wide ratio.

Truck Weight Gas
Currently, the ECM still needs to be immobilized in order to handle the donor parts. The electrical and computer aspects of the build are rather complex, but it will be amazing to see this Ranger run and drive when it’s complete! Go check out DemonRace6’s build thread and show your support!

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