The Coolest Cooler That’s Nearly Ford Tough

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Check out this insane Kickstarter campaign for what has to be the coolest cooler ever! Really, it makes all other competitors look obsolete – just like Ford trucks do.

The super cooler is called the “Coolest” and it is sure to become the must have product for many Ford enthusiasts. Watch the video of the high-tech ice chest in action and you might never look at your old one the same again.

The completely redesigned icebox has a 18-volt rechargeable blender, a wireless Bluetooth speaker, a USB charger, water proof LED lights, super wide wheels and even a bottle opener!

The inventor of the Coolest needed $50,000 in funding to start his project and has raised over $9 million so far and still has a week to go on his campaign.

Check out the Kickstarter here and if you pledge $185 you can be the first kid on your block to get one. Otherwise, wait and see if it goes on sale at Walmart for less…but it may be a  l-o-n-g time.

Would you spend $185 on a super ice box? Join the discussion in the forum.>>

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